Nasal allergy relief

Safe light therapy treatment for rhinitis and sinusitis caused by seasonal allergies and other irritants


It works for me. No doubt.

I have been a life long allergy sufferer and I think it has helped not only with seasonal allergies but other allergies with respiratory symptoms.

It did take a few weeks for me to see tangible results, but it eventually worked!

Allison F.

Simple to use and effective at reducing symptoms. Great product! I recommend it to my family members.

Definitely worth the price.

Would buy again if I ever needed another one!

Ezekiel M.

My airways have once again opened, I rarely sneeze now, my sinuses under my eyes are no longer painful, and discomfort in my ear has disappeared. 

I was consistent in my use of this product, and while it didn't work instantly, I started to see results after a month or so, and it has kept working since then.

Jackson T.